Simple Salad Nicoise *


  • Lettuce cups
  • 1 x 200g can tuna
  • 8 cherry tomatoes halved
  • spring onions
  • 4 Sticks celery diagonally sliced.
  • 8 anchovies
  • 4 hard boiled eggs
  • 12 black & green olives
  • French dressing

Replace tuna with red or pink salmon.
Replace celery with 2 diagonally sliced small Lebanese cucumbers.
Replace lettuce cups with 2-3 large handfuls rinsed rocket or mixed lettuce.
Toss salad together garnishing with olives.


  • Break a lettuce into 4 cups.
  • Arrange a portion of tuna with hard boiled eggs cut in half in each cup.
  • Scatter with cherry tomatoes, spring onions and celery.
  • Top with anchovies and garnish with olives.
  • Serve with French Dressing and crusty bread.