Recipes - Desserts / Sweets

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Microwave Meringue


  • 1 egg white
  • 300 -350g icing sugar


  • Whisk the eggwhite until frothy
  • Add 300-350g icing sugar working the sugar until stiff.
  • Knead by hand for 2 – 3 minutes until mixture forms a smooth ball.
  • Cut off small amounts and form into balls about the size of a 20 cent piece (This quantity will make 48 meringues)
  • To cook place 6 on balls in a circular configuration on baking paper.
  • 6 meringues will take 1 1/2 minutes to cook depending on the oven’s wattage.

This basic recipe differs from the conventional one.
Overcooking will result in burning of meringues in the centre.
Exact amount of icing sugar depends of the size of the egg used.

Light Poached Summer Peaches *


  • 4, (250g) uniform sized ripe peaches
  • 1 teasp rosewater essence
  • 2 cups warm water or fruit juice

Serves 4

Replace peaches with 250g large ripe nectarines or plums; adjust cooking time if necessary.


  • Slash peach skins several times and place in a microware container.
  • Stir rosewater into warm water and pour over the fruit.
  • Cover container and cook on High (100%) for 5 minutes.
  • Stand 2 minutes, then remove peaches from dish and peel.
  • Serve warm or cold with pureed raspberries and cream.

OverRipe fruit has a high sugar content and will microwave more quickly.
Over cooked fruit tends to fall to pieces during standing time.
Undercooking is safer for a perfect finish.